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Office cleaning

For this reason, high-quality cleaning of offices is an important part in the work of the enterprise. Cleanliness and comfort are necessary for both the working staff and the guests, customers, partners of the company, since the appearance and cleanliness of the premises are often the hallmark of the office.


Today, cleaning office premises will not provide worries, if trusted by professionals. The company covers various industries in the field of cleaning, using innovative technologies of our time.

Daily cleaning of offices includes the following cleaning activities:

  • removal of dust from the surfaces of office furniture, office equipment, interior elements, window sills, radiators, table lighting
  • removal of dirt and stains from doors, handles, locks
  • cleaning glass surfaces of furniture, partitions, mirrors
  • vacuum cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture
  • wet floor cleaning
  • empty trash cans
  • wet cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms
  • equipping bathrooms with sanitary-hygienic means and materials

In addition to the planned daily cleaning, a general cleaning of the offices should be carried out. This is a series of additional work:

  • comprehensive maintenance of floor coverings with the removal of stains and sticky substances
  • comprehensive maintenance of lighting fixtures
  • comprehensive service of radiators of the heating system
  • comprehensive service of window and metal-plastic structures on both sides, window sills, glass and mirror surfaces and partitions
  • industrial mountain climbing
  • dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture
  • dry cleaning of curtains, blinds
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